Car Scratch Repair Spray E01

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Fix Scratched-Up Car to Look Brand-New with Every Spray!

A glossy ride is more affordable than ever with Car Nano Repairing Spray. Restore your car's appearance without the need for a full recoating, saving you money!

This spray also offers a protective coating against bird droppings, stone chips, iron powder, and UV light fading, helping maintain your car's value.


Remove Scratches: Nano ingredients fill gaps and hide scratches.

Nano Coating Technology: Reduces weathering, dirt, and debris build-up.

Ultra-Hydrophobic: Long-lasting hydrophobic paint sealant keeps your car clean longer.

Gloss Finish: Leaves a shiny gloss finish without needing wax.

Protective Coating: Shields against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Easy to Use: Simply spray and wipe for a like-new exterior.


  • Materials: PE

  • Net Content: 30ml


  • 1 x Car Scratch Repair Nano Spray

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